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Conjecture: No pyramidal triangulation of the projective plane could be geometrically immersed in R3 (and same for any odd nonorientable genus).

S. Lawrencenko, Geometric embeddings and immersions of pyramidal triangulations of surfaces in 3-space. Invited lecture at University of Seville, 19 March, 2013.

Seville's Jewish Quarter, 24 May 2012, from left to right: Esperanza Suárez, Serge Lawrencenko, Shalom Eliahou, María José Chávez, and Trini Villar.

Biography of Serge Lawrencenko has been included in 29th edition of Who's Who in the World 2012.

The World Congress of Engineering and Technology (CET 2011) was held successfully from 28 October to 2 November 2011 in the megacity of Shanghai.

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